Mar 192010

Special holiday bonusYou know, I used to question Grandparents day, even though I am a grand dad, doesn’t Father’s Day cover it? Well, I got to looking and have found that there are holidays and other days set aside to honor a whole lot of off the wall holidays. Here are just a few for this time of year:

March 19 – National Chocolate Caramel Day
March 20 – Bock Beer Day and National Ravioli Day
March 21 – California Strawberry Day
March 22 – Coq Au Vin Day (Whatever the heck that is???)
March 23 – National Chip & Dip Day and National Melba Toast Day… C’mon…. really??

Well, I have found the only holiday that really appeals to me. And best of all, this holiday lasts FIVE days! From March 19th till March 23, Vegas Regal Casino has proclaimed National eWalletXpress Bonus days! Ok, maybe it sounds corny but no worse than "Coq Au Vin Day". (really, what in the world is that?) During these festive days, you can claim a 1,000% bonus for using your eWalletXpress account!

Here is how it the 1000% eWalletXpress bonus works…
Make a deposit of $20-50 using your eWalletXpress account and Vegas Regal will reward you with a sweet 1,000% Bonus. No coupon codes, no bonus codes, just click on the promotion in the cashier before you deposit. But wait… there’s more!

If you use the 1,000% eWalletXpress Bonus, Vegas Regal will also give you a $20 Free "Chocolate" Chip! Yes, that’s right, win or lose, Vegas Regal will give you a $20 Free (Chocolate) Chip no deposit bonus after using the 1,000% EWalletXpress Bonus! Do the math, make a small $50 deposit and enjoy a bankroll of over $570! Click here to get your bonus now!

Man, with the money you can win you’ll be all set to celebrate National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day on the 24th!

Sign up with Vegas Regal today and get your bonus instantly! (Don’t worry, you won’t notice you missed Coq Au Vin Day (What the heck is that?)! Vegas Regal Casino accepts US players!

Want to see more bonus offers, free chips (chocolate and otherwise), funding methods, screen shots and more? Visit our Vegas Regal Casino review (100% cholesterol free).

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