Aug 102009

Progressive slotsThe MegaMillions Lottery, a multi state lottery in the US is now over $125 million! People are lined waiting for a chance to purchase the winning ticket and live the life as a multi-millionaire! The more tickets sold, the higher the jackpot will become. And if no one hits the magic numbers, the jackpot will grow even larger.

This is basically the same way that the progressive jackpots work at the Bodog Casino, a portion of each wager made is added to the jackpot. As I write this, two of the progressive online slots at the Bodog Casino are growing at a staggering pace! The Midlife Crisis and Shopping Spree Progressive Slots Jackpots are just under $690,000 and still growing!

Playing these slots are very simple, all you need to do is download the Bodog Casino and set up your account. Then when you make your 1st deposit you will get an unlimited 10% bonus all you have to do is use referral code 2429235 when you register. There are no other Bodog Casino Codes to enter or remember, just load up the machine and you are on your way to your chance at a massive jackpot! Bodog Casino accepts all US players!

Download the Bodog Casino and get your chance at the huge jackpot now!

Mid Life Crisis Progressive Slot Shopping Spree Progressive Slot

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